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Port Stephens Floor Sanding

Why you might need our help!

Floors last longer if they are properly maintained. However, that does not mean they are immune to wear and tear. Over time your flooring will begin to show its age – fading, scratches, and discolouration are signs that your floors need a facelift.

When is it time to call a professional floor sander?

Water damage

Water damage can happen from a dripping roof, leaking air conditioner, or flooding. If your floor has been damaged by excessive moisture, it will need a fresh sanding, repair or replacement.

Visible Scratches

Scratches, scuff marks, and other visible damage eventually build up and make your floors look ugly. Professional sanding services can restore your flooring back to its original look.


Even if you maintain your floors properly, discolouration is bound to happen. You will often notice faded floor sections in high-traffic areas.

UV rays can also cause discolouration of floorboards. Lift up one of your rugs and you will immediately see the outline.


If some sections of the floor do not feel flat under your feet, it may be due to warping. Sometimes your floor will curl up at the edges (cupping) or create a bulge in the middle (crowning). Changes in temperature and moisture are the most common causes of warping. With professional sanding and polishing, however, you can give your old timber floor a much-needed facelift.

About Us

Our professional floor sanding and polishing services are backed by over 14 years of experience in the timber flooring business. You can expect punctual and reliable service every time you use our services.

Our Services

Our comprehensive range of flooring services includes:

  • Sanding and polishing floors
  • Repairing damaged floors
  • Staining floors
  • Replacing floorboards

Our flooring services cover:

Residential homes, commercial buildings, sporting halls
Old and new timber floors, staircases, decking
Water-based, polyurethane, and oil.