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Myall Lakes Floor Sanding

Why Choose Us?

Your home flooring can deteriorate over time from high-traffic. Footfall, spills, and impact can damage your floors even with the best of care. If your floors are starting to show signs of wear and tear, you can bring them back to life with the help of a professional floor sanding service.

Here are four signs that your floor may need a facelift from a professional:

Scratches and scuff marks

While superficial scratches from moving furniture are normal, they can accumulate and eventually damage floors over time. Deep scratches and scuff marks are almost impossible to remove without hiring professional floor sanding services.

Water damage

If there is water leaking from your roof or air conditioner, you should clean it immediately before it damages the floor. If you have experienced flooding recently, the high level of moisture can lead to separation and warping of the floorboards. Professional floor sanding services might need to replace your entire flooring if the damage is too severe.

Discolouration and fading

Lift a floor rug and you will notice that the colour of the surface is uneven. Discolouration is a common occurrence in areas that are exposed to UV rays.

Moisture from spills, wet feet, and cleaning solutions also contributes to the discolouration as the original finish oxidises. Professional sanding can restore the faded colour of your floor and evens out with a nice refinish.

Warping, cupping, crowning

Some sections of the floor may feel uneven when you walk. This may be due to warping, cupping or crowning. Sanding can flatten these curls and bulges so you have a nice, even surface again.

About Us

Backed by over 14 years of experience in the timber flooring business, Modern Floor Sanding provides a professional, punctual and reliable service to residents and business owners in Myall Lakes. Our flooring experts only use the best materials and equipment to deliver a top-quality finished product.

Our Services

Is your floor starting to look shabby and worn out? We can provide a number of services that include:

  • Sanding and polishing floors
  • Repairing damaged floors
  • Staining floors
  • Replacing floorboards