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Maitland Floor Sanding

Why Choose Us?

Beautiful hardwood floors that will last forever are the dream of many homeowners. In reality, maintaining that dream is a challenge. For hardwood floors to have longevity, you need the help of a professional team to sand and polish your wooden flooring, allowing it to shine.

More Attractive Flooring

While light softly reflects off newly-installed hardwood flooring, the same can’t be said about wooden floors that have seen the years, or even months. Signs of aging include unsightly stains, shallow and deep scratches, as well as accumulated debris.
Floor sanding removes the top surface of wooden floors, uncovering the sleeker and smoother layers.

Customised Look & Feel

After sanding down the top layer of your floor, you can coat, polish, and re-stain it into a different finish. Floor sanding is necessary if you want to customise the look of your hardwood floor. If you try to apply a new stain on a rough or coarse surface, you won’t get an even application.

Safer Hardwood Floor

The scratches on your floor can irritate the exposed skin of children and those with sensitive skin. The accumulated dust particles in flooring grooves also aggravate allergies. By smoothing the surface of your wooden floor, you create a safer environment.

About Us

With over 14 years of experience in the timber flooring business, Modern Floor Sanding and Polishing knows what it takes to get you the benefits of a smoother, cleaner hardwood floor. Our professional, punctual and reliable service is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Trust in our timber flooring specialists to provide the services you’re looking for.

Our Services

We offer the following services:

  • Residential, commercial, or sporting venue sanding and polishing
  • Application of a variety of products or finishes
  • Sanding and polishing of timber floors, staircases, decking
  • Staining and repairs