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Choosing the Right Stain for Your Floors

Choosing the Right Stain for Your Floors

Looking to upgrade your floor for the first time? Wanting to enhance your old floor to cover up existing wear and tear marks? Staining is one of the best methods to achieve this.

Staining involves the use of oil- or water-based stains to change the colour of your floorboards. From floors that seemingly expand the space of your house to floors that make your home look classy or modern, there are countless things you can achieve with the help of a good staining job.

Deciding on whether to stain your floors or not

Deciding on whether to stain your floors or not

Staining your floors is probably one of the major decisions you will make for your home. The truth is, it’s not quite cheap to have your floors stained, but a good staining job will help your floors last for a long period of time. Although the process and decision-making behind staining jobs can be overwhelming, it is worth it when done right.

You have the option to either stain your floors or keep them natural; it really depends on your preference and on the type of floor you have.

Generally, people stain their floors to imitate the look of exotic and unique wood floorings like cherry, walnut, mahogany, or maple wood. If your existing floors are made from similar high-grade wood material, then it might be better to leave those in their natural state. Not only can you ruin the natural look of the wood with your stain, but it can also end up as a disaster since some wooden grains from high-grade wood do not respond well to stains.

However, if you have more common wood materials like red or white oak, then staining your floor can be a good idea. While these floors look nice unstained, they will look even better when stained to look like more expensive wooden materials. These materials also respond well to staining agents, so you won’t have a hard time staining your floors when you use more common wood. 

Considerations when choosing the right stain for your floors

Considerations when choosing the right stain for your floors

As mentioned, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the material, colour, and shade of the stain. Here are some of the vital considerations when choosing the right stain for your floors:

·       Check your floor’s wood material

Before choosing to stain your floor, you should first check the type of wood your floor is made of. For example, oak’s strong grain patterns and open pores tend to absorb stain easily, so you will have no problem with this wood. But for materials like alder and asper or birch which do not absorb stain evenly, you should use a pre-stain wood conditioner first and select stains with a lighter colour.

Suppose you are planning to stain wood with high levels of natural oil like mahogany. In that case, you should use an oil-based stain for compatibility purposes. Meanwhile, wood materials like cedar and pine will need to be stained with gel stains to lessen the possibility of blotchiness from appearing. When in doubt, ask your trusted tradie for their recommendations to know how you should go about with staining your floorboards.

·       Match the stain with the room’s interiors

Your floor is one of the major elements of your room. If you want a cohesive room, you should make sure that your walls, furniture, and floors complement each other well.

In the case of floors, it’s always recommended to create contrast with your furniture and other furnishings. For example, if your furniture has dark hues, using a light stain on your floor will make them stand out. If you want to create an illusion of space, a lighter stain can help make your room feel airier and more spacious.

On the other hand, chose darker stains if you a want a more dramatic interior. Paired with high ceilings and neutral furnishings, your room will look more elegant with this type of stain.

·       Do you have kids or pets?

Kids and pets are often messy; they can spill food, drinks, and other things that may damage and soil floors. If you choose a dark stain for your wooden floor, stains and spills will be more noticeable. Luckily, with a light wooden floor, they won’t be as obvious. You may end up with an unmaintained and unclean floor, however, if you do not have a regular cleaning schedule. Choose floor stains that fit your lifestyle and mesh well with the activities you do at home.

Types of stain you can use for your floors

Types of stain you can use for your floors

There are heaps of stain types to use for your floors. Here are some of the types of stain people choose when staining their floors:

·       Oil-based stains

These stains (available in gel and liquid form) are relatively affordable and easy to apply. However, they work well only with materials with open wood grains. If you want to use them with wood that does not have open grains, it’s better to only use them for a slight darkening effect in materials like maple wood. Note that the wood should be sealed before application, and it should be sealed again after the stain is applied to prevent bleeding through the finish.

·       Water-based stains

This type of stain mutes the grain and provides a contemporary appearance to the wood. Once applied, a polyurethane should be smeared over it to make it last for a long time. Water-based stains are ideal for use on woods with light colours. 

·       Organic stains

These stains are made from the roots, barks, berries, and other natural sources. People mostly use this type of stain on pine and similar types of wood. This type of staining is not as common as others, but it looks just as great when done by an experienced contractor.

Let Modern Floor Sanding and Polishing help stain your floors

Let Modern Floor Sanding and Polishing help stain your floors.

You have several options to choose from when it comes to staining your floor. However, it’s not as easy to do when you have no experience in doing so. To make sure that your staining job is done evenly and perfectly, seek the assistance of experienced professionals like Modern Floor Sanding and Polishing.

For high-quality staining services in Hunter, Newcastle, and surrounding areas, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today to know more about how we can help you.